My name is Kristian Bornak.

And I'm a Brand Designer.

About Me

I recently graduated from the Copenhagen Business Academy as bachelor in Brand Design, a superstructure to my previous studies in design technology where I specialised in marketing and social media. During my Brand Design studies, I further specialised in the areas of product and image branding, strategy, concept development, market insights and communication. My main focus and specialised subject were within social media branding. Examples of typical job assignments I am qualified to undertake: community management, concept development, strategic & media planning, project management and marketing coordination.

Through my former jobs, I have gained valuable experience in various areas, including in particular DTP work and sales & marketing. In my job an independent sales consultant, I learned a lot about how to handle customers so that they are always left with a good feeling - be it in the area of sale or customer support. This was also the case in my former job at Hi3G. While working in a shipping company, I further gained a very good idea of how a business is working in a market having largely become international. Through other previous jobs, I have gained broad experience in how to develop and lay out websites as well as other types of graphic layout work and proofreading.

More recently - over two periods in mid-2011 and late 2013 - I was an Intern at the advertising agency REPUTATION and was much praised for my project handling and management effort, which included social media branding, market and competitor analyses for Abbot Medical, Pfizer and Nestlé. In addition, I was in charge of developing an iPad web app for Lundbeck.

Currently I am employed at the advertising agency Zupa as an external consultant at Danske Bank where I have worked with the creation of their new webpage as well as their online pressence on social medias.

IT skills
I have extensive experience using the Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver as well as SiteCore and SharePoint. Please refer to My Projects portfolio of projects formerly completed.

I speak and write Danish and English fluently.


A small preview of my three latest projects at KEA.

For a more in-depth look at my previous graphics design projects, please visit my portfolio at

First Year Project
TrackMan: Et brand med potentiale
Specialization Project
fitnessdk: Go
Bachelor Project
Red Bull: A Leap Into the Future


2006 Sales consultant in Media Invest
2007 Web designer, Bornak Arkitekter
2008-9 Design consultant, Kalyon Shipping
2009-11 Retention Agent, Hi3G (3 Mobil)
2011 Marketing & DTP Intern, REPUTATION
2013 Marketing consultant, Intern, REPUTATION
2013-14 Freelance consultant, REPUTATION
2014-15 Marketing consultant, SMART ROOMS
2015- Marketing consultasnt, Zupa

Educational background
2006 Upper secondary examination, mathematics line, Gl. Hellerup Gymnasium
2007 Marketing Management, Niels Brock
2009 Studies to become a media graphic designer, KTS grafisk afdeling, Frederiksberg
2012 Design technologist specialised in marketing, Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA)
2012-14 Bachelor in Brand Design, Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA)

Recommandation from Christian Madsen, REPUTATION, 2013
Recommandation from Mads Valentin, REPUTATION, 2013
Brand Design Diploma, 2014
Brand Design, 2014


As you know my name is Kristian. Here's some things you may not know:
I live on Linnésgade 16D in Copenhagen
My phone number is +45 4093 4993
If you want to reach me by mail it's
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